apples to apples

this is the last of my latest art endeavor, which was 5 still lifes for CCA. i sent them all and now i await the response. they all looked pretty good, if i do say so myself...or is it don't say so? whatever. i'm happy.

I'M SO HAPPY. I AM ALWAYS PRETTY HAPPY lately and i'm not sure why but i'm just having fun. there are little things that bring me down, but not for long cause i won't let'em. MY BBALL BOYS ARE AT IT STILL! tonight they won their first playoff game. friday is the next game. this is big business, and winning or losing i love those boys. THIS MORNING WAS REALLY SCARY. my contact lense was stuck in my eye. it rolled to the back so i was scratching my eye and finally i rubbed it out after about 45 minutes. i thought i was going to have to go to the emergency room.

the weekend should be good. bball game friday night, hair appt saturday morning, hanging out with brittany, ryan, joel, claire, and sarah and dinner with julia on sunday. a little work in the mix.

Music: Sufjan Stevens, We Are Scientists, Rooney


run me right round

shopping for prom dresses is stresful, difficult, and a little annoying. i'm sure once i find the right dress i will be super excited and anxious to wear it, but as for now i just dread looking at the hundreds of dresses and seeing that they are either the wrong size, the wrong color, or my biggest obstacle: the wrong price. i do have my amazing-deal DKNY dress from Bloomingdale's as a backup, but i really only feel it is a backup right now. top all of this with having to get a date in less than a month and you could say my Jenga tower is looking a little wobbly.

DEEP BREATH. ok. in other news, i have a ton to do this weekend. most of it is school related and that makes me not very happy. this is the usual cycle. i do close to nothing and then BAM! all my teachers have a bunch of things for me to do at once. i suppose some of the things could have been done earlier, but i'll probably never learn. almost 4 full years of high school and i still don't get ahead very often. i haven't been dreaming lately and i am not sure if i just am not remembering as well as i used to or if i am just so tired and/or distracted that i can't seem to do it. i really am not in any sort of terrible mood. i've been keeping it light and maintaining joyfulness pretty well lately. of course things like boys bball, study group, and refreshing lunchtime conversations help out with that one. the spring sports schedule is beginning and it is packed with tennis matches, lacrosse games, and baseball boys to watch, so you can imagine i'll be pretty busy from now until graduation. o, graduation...scary thought.

Music: Diva - Beyonce, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head


red and purple lipstick

V-day weekend usually = hella drag, but this weekend was actually pretty fun despite my eternal tiredness and bruised feet/ankles. don't ask me why they are so bruised because i don't know and i'd like to know just as much (probably more) than you would.

Friday night was Sadie's. i went with Albert. he has that latin fever, so he is a great dancer. we went to dinner with nicky and brittany at centro. i had never been there before, but it was good. after the dance brittany and i had a very nice chat with claire on her kitchen floor. around 1 or so i went to brians and then went home in the morning. when the sun woke me up i went to claire's and her, brittany, and i got donuts at marie's.

saturday we went to katie's house and talked about our disneyland trip. katie and i died parts of our hair red for febuhairy. i like the way both of our hair turned out. (and if you can see my nails, they are so hott. i painted them half purple an half pink to match my sadie's dress. they turned out very nicely.)

sunday i went to SF for CCA's on the spot admissions day. it actually went very well. i spoke with the head of admissions and he liked my stuff. he said he didn't want to admit me that day because he felt i could raise my portfolio score by doing some still lifes similar to this one he liked in my portfolio. if i raise my portfolio score then i will be eligible for more scholarship money. so this week i will be doing those and emailing them to him. this is such great news because if i get some money then i will be able to go to CCA.

Music: Baby Boy - Sean Paul ft. Beyonce, Creator - Santogold


surprise, surprise

last call for high school bullshit! yes, i realize that just two days ago i was raving about how great things were going, but just like every other high my return from oregon is being shot down by prom-talk and projects galore. last year's prom was shit, no matter what way you spin it. you can cover it with sugar but when that's all gone there is the center reality that it sucked. this year will be different and i'm going to make sure of that. i'm just not sure how thanks to my new dilemma. of course there is no immediate action i can take, which is something i am not a big fan of, so instead i am painting my nails to ease my worries. and might i add that they look like perfection.

in happier news we had a senior class meeting today to talk about our senior priveledges. starting march 10th i will be able to dress fabulously everyday and not get in trouble. i will also have a new phone by then so i will be extra fabulous.

Music: Emarosa, Jack's Mannequin


deep breathing

after what i like to see as a fun trip to Oregon, i have returned to sacramento feeling refreshed for some reason. i'm happy and full of energy, i want to be nice to everyone, laugh all the time, and seem to be doing some work (although right now i should be reading or something other than this). perhaps missing 2 days of school and submersing myself in a completely different world apart from my own was exactly what i needed.

sunday i spent the day with claire and sarah. we ate at Chipotle and went to see He's Just Not That Into You. the movie was great, i felt like i was able to talk to them and not hesitate to voice my feelings. things went great and i was happier than ever to be in sacramento. monday i had school and instead of being overwhelmed by missed assignments and stress, i actually had a pretty chill day and was really happy to be back. i visited brian for one of our many catch-up chats before guitar and then went to guitar, which was equally great. the night ended with a nice hour at the gym with christy, reading government.

this weekend is sadie's and then sunday i am going to CCA for on the spot admission day. a little fun before i face the wolves again, but no worries. this time i am going all out with my portfolio preparations.

Music: Swagger Like Us - Kanye West, T.I. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and MIA; also Maroon 5 and The Maine.


go ducks

thursday i drove to Eugene, Oregon with my dad so that i could visit the University of Oregon. for the record, they are the ducks and not the beavers. also for the record, this is the only school i've been accepted to thus far.

i took a tour of the campus on friday morning. i really like it a lot. all of the buildings are really nice and fairly uniform (which for some reason appeals to me). it is not too big but not small and there are beautiful trees literally everywhere. as far as the town of Eugene goes, i'm not as pleased. after my tour i went to hangout with Jack (claire's,and therefore my, brother). he introduced me to his infamous friend Copeland and his roommate Tom. we walked around downtown eugene, which isn't really much, i saw the dorms, ate in the student dining, and basically got to do most of the stuff they don't show you on the tour. jack is transfering next year because he says there isn't much to do and i can't really say he is exagerating. i still don't have a decision made. UO has a really nice campus (better than SFSU), is a pac 10 school (that is a sports thing), and probably has better academic programs, but the fact of the matter is that it is in Eugene and i dont know if i can deal with that. it is going to be a tough desicion.

jack and i made these pirate hats because he went to a pirate themed party at some co-op. pretty legit if i don't say so myself.

Music: Sufjan Stevens, Big L


best day/game ever

these are the boys i love. they are the CB boys varsity bball team and tonight they played an epic game against vista del lago. slam dunks, secret handshakes, rowdy crowds, sweaty hugs, standing on bleachers, and flip flops make up the moments i live for. thank god for martin harris and his shot with one second on the shot clock for the win. thank god for school spirit and ben hererra and nolan wallner.
if it wasn't enough for the bball game to be ridiculous, all of the cutest boys were there including my fave, Dave Anderson. from pete iliff and andrew thomas to bubba jones and nick stathos, and numerous others; i was smiling uncontrollably.

and now i get to go to oregon to see this college that i might spend the next four years at. i'm just glad i won't have to go to school for the next two days.

Music: i'm not sure, but something good and something super nostalgic.

NOTE: that photograph was not from tonight


football on tv

i'm sure i have a blog already titled this. today was superbowl sunday!! a.k.a. my favorite holiday of the year. now i know that it isn't really a holiday but it should be and we should get monday off. but despite it not being a real one, i had a lot of fun. the taylors had a superbowl party and basically everyone was there. it was so much fun!! i wanted the cardinals to win, but they didn't in the end. o well. it was really exciting to watch even if conner, stephanie, elise, blaire and i were the only ones watching it foreals.

3D commercials: that's wassup!!

on friday night i went to the drive-ins with keegan and all her river city friends. they are all really nice and fun! interestingly most of them are foreign and i love that! matt and zach were there too. i got to ride in my love, the jeep, although it was definitely not the experience i had last time. whatever. i had a lot of fun and i want to hangout with them again.

i saw Slumdog millionaire yesterday with sarah, JR, and nickers. it was a really good movie. Dev Patel is such a cutie, and i usually don't like ethnic boys at all. i also really like indian music. it is just so much fun and it is so beautiful!
boo for school. i have things to do and i don't wanna, but i do get to go to oregon on thursday!

Music: O...Saya - AR Rahman &MIA